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Short-Form Positioning
Foote School, a K-9 independent day school in New Haven, CT, has long enjoyed a reputation as a place where students flourish into confident, remarkable scholars and people.
Long-Form Positioning excerpt

With a new head of school starting, Foote felt it was time to affirm its identity, both visually and editorially. Their compelling and distinctive position is every bit as remarkable as that other famous school in New Haven you may have heard about. (Yes, the one that starts with Y.)

There’s a lot to like about Foote: articulate students dazzled us with their authenticity and brilliance, teachers bring incredible energy and creativity into their classrooms, strong co-curriculars and plenty of opportunities for leadership in clubs and activities. We also found some consternation among the community about how best to sum up the Foote experience—was it progressive, experiential, hands-on, creative, rigorous (yet fun)?

Our answer was: yes. Everything we saw, heard, and learned translated into a school that felt fully engaged and alive—one that was adventurous and transcended labels.

Working closely with a client committee representing a range of perspectives, backgrounds, and connections, we channeled that energy into our work. We developed a messaging platform that captured Foote’s vibrant spirit and infused that same feeling into an updated visual identity, including new typefaces and a vivid secondary color palette. Throughout our work, we ensured that Foote’s academic qualities also shone through in equal measure, for messaging and visual expressions that could accommodate the full range of the school’s life.

The result was an updated brand platform that looked new but felt instantly familiar—just like the first leaves of spring, the first day of the new school year. Just like Foote.

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“Generation’s branding work was transformative for our school; at the same time, they were able to help us organically implement change without disrupting our established culture. The team was responsive, collaborative, inclusive, graceful, and empathetic. Of course, it’s equally important that the quality of their work was astounding. We couldn’t be more pleased with the process or the outcome.”
Frances Moore
Director of Marketing & Communications
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